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PostSubject: IMPORTANT PLEASE READ   Mon Jun 15, 2009 6:14 am

its a guide by nexon about errors
-----Game Related Problems-----

Errors/Corrupted File

1- Un-install CA by using the 'windows add/remove programs.'

2- Check your C drive and user documents for any Nexon/CA related folder and delete it.

3- Get a fresh copy from this Download Link. (Note: game only supports North America, Australia and New Zealand. CA for Europe Click here)

4- Make sure your account is an administrator account and install the game.

5- Make sure both Combat Arms and Hack shield are in your 'allow' list for any anti virus, spyware and firewall.

6- Start the game, if it starts to patch and fails, do a manual patch through the above link.

7- If you get stuck at the login screen, don't close the game. Press ALT+TAB to minimize the game and see if there are any messages and deal with them.

8- If you still get some random errors, file a ticket to Nexon and post it in the technical support forum. Try to post the following when filing a ticket and posting a topic. Your processor, RAM, video card, and internet connection detail. Procedure how the error appears. Post a screen of the error if possible. What anti-virus, spy ware, and firewall you are running.

ltmsg.dll error- Disable the Logi-tech Process Monitor through the msconfig services tab. May not work for all.(Dark Orpheus)

Black Screen Inside Gas Grenades- If your screen goes black it is because either your video card drivers are not updated or you are using Intel's integrated graphics. Most likely its Intel integrated graphics which can't be fixed until you get a new video card. If you do have a dedicated video card and this problem still exists then that card doesn't support CA fully.

Broken/Weird Graphics- Same as above.

Can't See Blood- This problem may occur because of your account age not being 18+ or, again, related to your video card.

Hack Detected- This problem can occur if Hack Shield conflicts with your anti-virus/spy-ware, firewall etc. Try disabling one program at a time to find out what is causing this problem. If everything is 'green', don't worry about this error.

Weapons Disappeared- Close the game and start again. This problem occurs when your connection with the server drops or is cut-off.

Zone Alarm Users- If you have Zone Alarm and are experiencing a black screen you have to manually add Combat Arms to the safe zone, give it Internet security and put its settings at trusting. Open Zone Alarm by double clicking your little Z in the corner, click program control scroll down on the list of programs until you see Combat Arms and Combat Arms Launcher, the proceed to click the area under trust level, then check off anything to do with combat arms.(Sp1ncycl3)

Slow Load/Spawn Time: The only reason this occurs is because of your processor speed, internet speed, RAM, and other download programs. Try to close programs that you are not going to use and also try resetting your internet modem.

Can not Find NGM Module/Could not update Module: First you un-install CA by using the 'add/remove' feature of your windows. Next go to 'my computer'>Tools>Folder Options>View>Show Hidden files and folders. Click OK. Now you have to go through your user documents (application documents) and delete all Nexon folders. They will be named NexonUS, and Nexon; delete them. If you are using Vista like me, go to advanced search and type in NGM and check the 'search hidden files'. After you see the search results, delete all files related to Nexon and NGM. Reboot your PC. Download the latest game client from the Official Combat Arms website. Finally install the game and it should work.

EndingBanner.exe: If you are experiencing a hack error with this file just simply delete the file in your Combat Arms folder.

-----Server Related Problems-----

Failed to login to the verification server: Try logging in once more, if the problem is still there it means the server is down and will be fixed by Nexon. Please try not to make topics about when it will be back up again.

Nexon Messenger is empty: The messenger system is currently down and will be fixed whenever Nexon notices it is down. There is no other way to fix this. If at the loading screen it says 'Successfully Connected to Messenger" your are good.

ErrorCode 30021- You are getting this error code because your account is not verified. Get your account verified through your email you used to sign up.(rabiddog606)

ErrorCode 30022- Your country can not play this game. For Combat Arms Europe Click here.

ErrorCode 10060- The servers are down.

ErrorCode 30004- Your account is banned. If you believe you were wrongfully banned, submit a ticket

Can Mac Run CA?- You can try using BootCamp. Read This Link (FAQ)

More error codes available on the Official FAQ.

If none of the above helps, go here
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PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT PLEASE READ   Tue Jun 16, 2009 4:43 am

ty australia..

for a while i had this error where the wall textures were replaced with a shot from my G3 scope. hundreds of them all different sizes. Really wierd, that was a long time ago in the days of NWP.
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